NNJ DoulaNet is YOU

We are truly a network of all the incredible birthworkers in northern NJ who are somehow connected with the role of the doula. We are birth doulas, postpartum doulas, doula trainers, breastfeeding / lactation consultants, IBCLCs, massage therapist, yoga instructors, placenta encapsulators, childbirth educators, birth photographers, bereavement doulas, baby wearing and wrap specialist. and even nurses (Labor & Delivery RN), obstetrician gynecologist (MD), and midwives who wish to know more about the role of the doula, or who may already be certified as a doula.   

Thank you to everyone who is active on our facebook page sharing resources and attending our events- reaching across to connect with other doulas to build each other up! It is wonderful to have a network where we can find one another, celebrate one another, and continue to advocate for the role of the doula. 

NNJ DoulaNet Founder

NNJ DoulaNet was founded by Rachel Connolly Kwock CD(DONA) of Birth Voice who has been working as a birth doula for 8 years in addition to being Creative Content Editor at Orgasmic Birth for from 2011-2016, where she learned so much about the hormones in birth. She has a background in Film and TV/Documentary, and last year, began offering birth photography as part of her services. This year looks forward to continuing birth photography as well as doing documentary portraits of some of our local birthworkers who are making a difference. Rachel also started and co-admins Skylands Doula Group, serving doulas in the northwest region of NJ. Rachel feels passionately about bringing doulas together and celebrating and advocating for the role of the doula. Rachel lives in Morris County with her loving husband, 2 children, and 2 doggies. 

Thank you to all Contributing Doulas!

In addition to being grateful to you for being a birthworker, NNJ DoulaNet is grateful to the following doulas for their contributions: Lexie Litvin of Bellisima Birth who helped edit our brochure, Ellen Weglarz of Starlight Doula Services who showed up for our first WIC visit, Kelly Ur of Annealing Healing who helped admin the page, and Afshan Abbasi of A Higher Calling Birth Collective who is generally supportive and is doing her part to bring Bergen County birthworkers together, and Sarah Skoberg of Bloom Baby who is organizing doula events at her center in Wayne. Thank you also to all the birthworkers who helped and hosted Skylands Doulas group, which overlapped with NNJ DoulaNet including Caitlyn Undreiner of Compassionate Postpartum Care who co-admins, Erin Pollio, Britni Morley of Wrap Me Tender who often generously offers her space at the store for meet-ups, Laura DePasquale of Holistic Beginnings who has graciously hosted and trains many wonderful doulas thru her workshops, Sara Sandstrom for organizing a meet-the-doula night, Jill Wodnick for requesting an interview for her radio show, Debra Pascali Bonaro of Orgasmic Birth who taught a rebozo class for us, Christine Waters Robertazzi of Your Inner Glow for bringing hosts' presents, and everyone who has simply shown up like Britt Sando, Renee Hennings, and Jen Kowal - truly NNJ DoulaNet is YOU! Thank you!