EVENTS (Networking & Community Building)

NNJ DoulaNet periodically organizes social and/or working events for doulas. We are hoping to organize larger events in the future as well as workshops and trainings. If you'd like us to organize your event, please get in touch using the form below. We also love collaborating with other northern NJ birthworkers and groups to support and promote other events. Together we can all create a wonderfully supportive and encouraging community for birthworkers. 

Please feel free to share information about your community birthworker event with us and if approved, we will add it to our BIRTHWORKER EVENT LISTING. We do not post paid classes for expectant parents, but are happy to post any childbirth related event that are either free or directly related to doulas, including:

  • Continuing Education opportunities
  • New mother support groups
  • Doula meet-ups
  • Meet-the-doula events
  • Guest speakers
  • Birthworker circles
  • Childbirth workshops
  • Film Screenings

Examples of events we'll be adding to the calendar: Birthmatters Sacred Birth Circle, ICAN meetings, Bergen County Birthworkers meet-up, Bloom Baby birthworker social, Avalon new mommy support groups, NNJDoulaNet winter meet-up, Midwifery Today April conference, upcoming doula workshops, and so much more! 

Thank you and we look forward to hearing about your event! You can check out our event listing here

ADVOCACY (Promotion)

Create: NNJ DoulaNet Guide to Natural Birth Options for the Medicaid Enrolled

  • Work to create more of doula presence at hospitals

NNJ DoulaNet has started the process of networking with hospitals to research for the guide as well as create inroads to increase the doula presence in hospital settings. Our aim is for the guide and a greater doula presence to help improve birth outcomes by creating more equity and access within the birth place. If you are part of an existing program we should know about or would like to put us touch with Nurse Managers at any northern NJ hospitals that would be interested in the role of the doula, please get in touch. We see the guide research and building relationships with hospitals as going hand-in-hand and hope our efforts yield results that create more equity and access within the birth place.  

EDUCATION (Information & Resources)

Are you a library, school, hospital, maternal care provider? Do you strive for greater patient satisfaction or do you hope to offer moms more birth and support options? A representative from NNJ DoulaNet is happy to visit and present an info session on the role of the doula for your organization. We need about 2 hours total, that includes Q&A. Donations are accepted to support our organization. Past talks have been presented at: Babies 'r Us & Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) offices.

Examples of topics are:

  • "What is a doula and how they can support you birth and postpartum"
  • "Comfort in Labor" based on Penny Simkin's "Comfort in Labor"
  • "How a birth doula can enhance the breastfeeding relationship"
  • "25 Ways to Feel at Home at a Hospital"
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