Birthworker Highlight on Sarah Skogberg: Doula Attends Vaginal Breech Birth

Please introduce yourself.: Hi! My name is Sarah, I'm a mother of 2 and have been a Birth Doula since 2008. When giving birth in 2006 to my first, I experienced a painless, ecstatic, labor. This opened my eyes to the mystery of birth & our human potential. It also sparked my desire to help others through the process. Since then I've supported over 150 families through pregnancy & birth in both hospital and home settings. I absolutely love supporting women and couples in having empowered and nurturing experiences throughout the childbearing year as I feel it's a foundation setting time & a powerful, healing opportunity for the mother and the family. I'm also the founder of BLOOM Baby a local Pregnancy & Doula Support Center, Doula Thrive a National 13 Moon Doula Mentorship Program and I tend to Remote International Clients who seek my 1 : 1 Intuitive Guidance during Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum.

Pls share a memorable story (300 - 600 words) about your doula work.: 
I've had the honor of attending two vaginal breech births. Both of them were remarkable, but one of them was actually the most humbling, beautiful, birth I've ever seen. It was a game changer, myth buster, life altering birth for me as a Doula. It was simply exquisite. It all started with my clients original OB telling her it was time to schedule a c-section at 38wks as soon as possible because her fluids were low and her baby was breech. My client asked for the weekend to emotionally prepare and to get a 2nd opinion on her fluids bright and early Monday morning (on Friday the fluid level was just above 5). The Dr. didn't love this plan but agreed. The mothers fluids had been dropping over time and she had been doing EVERYTHING to try and recover them as well as turn the baby. 

So she took the weekend to prepare and enjoyed every minute of it. Literally... she stopped trying to change or force anything and slept in, had breakfast in bed, went for a long sunset walk on the beach with her husband, ate and drank fluids as desired and completely accepted things as they were. She went in for a 2nd opinion NST & fluid check early Monday morning and to everyone's surprise her fluid level had gone up significantly (something she was told by her care provider was impossible).

Next thing she did was consult with an OB I found who offered in hospital vaginal breech deliveries and after talking with him, her and her husband decided to move forward in this direction. They immediately switched care providers and scheduled an induction at 39wks per their new Dr's recommendation.

The whole process was quite fascinating to me. I'm not usually in favor of inductions and medical interventions but I could see this pathway was the best option for my client to preserve her ability to experience a vaginal birth, something that was extremely important to her. Her new Dr. requested that she not only be induced but that she also get an epidural and deliver in the operating room should an emergency arise. He also let her know he would be using forceps to ensure a smooth delivery of her child's head. 

At 39 weeks we entered the hospital together and the induction began. A couple hours later the epidural and catheter were placed and my client dilated beautifully. A short few hours later she was 10cm and we all made our way to the operating room, myself included in full scrubs.

The room of course was a large, bright, sterile field. It was also packed full of nurses and extra layers of support should things take a turn for the worse. Students standing on their tip toes peered through the small window on the door trying to see what would happen next & the Dr. a kind, gentle man smiled at my client and congratulated her for being so brave and asked if she was ready to meet her precious daughter. 

The delivery was seamless. Honestly, it was one of the most gentle, caring and gorgeous births I'd ever seen. The baby emerged without a scratch and the mother without a single tear or swelling for that matter. The baby held by the Dr. from across the room looked up and gazed directly into her mothers eyes with the most cosmic, timeless stare. My heart melted & in that moment I realized in every cell of my being, birth is sacred, period. 

There's no one way, or right way. There's no better way... it just is, and as a Doula it's my honor and joy to witness the miraculous unfolding... every. single. time.

How do you work with or connect with doulas in your area?: Being new to the area I connect with other Doulas by reaching out, nurturing sisterhood, choosing to cut through the illusion of seeing other Doulas as my competition, offering my back-up services and support to others as well as hosting Doula socials & mentorship opportunities at BLOOM Baby.

What are your goals for this year?: Grow BLOOM Baby, touch the lives of others and create healing within and without.

You can find Sarah at Bloom Baby in Wayne, NJ. 

Sarah Skogberg, Birth Doula, supporting mom having vaginal birth in OR.

Sarah Skogberg, Birth Doula, supporting mom having vaginal birth in OR.