Birthworker Highlights on Jaye Wilson: Founder of Melinated Moms


Please introduce yourself: Founder/CEO of Melinated Moms. Mother of 2, high risk birthing mom. I curate social events for women and mothers of color in our communities.

Pls share a memorable story about your doula work.: I have been a Nurse in community health and outreach for 13 years. My work with Melinated Moms is educating and empowering women while offering support through their journey of womanhood to motherhood. Melinated Moms was created because, as a pregnant woman, I felt very isolated and depressed because I didn't know what resources to use to talk to about my fears of pregnancy and motherhood. I believe a doula would have made my journey from womanhood to motherhood an easier transition. I hope through my company I can give them the guidance I searched for while pregnant and continue to offer them support throughout their lives.

How do you work with or connect with doulas in the area?: I am hosting panel discussions as well as workshops around women's issues, child birthing, women empowerment and collaborating with sister organizations to reach the women in childbirthing work.

What are your goals for this year?: My goal is to build a strong network throughout the state of NJ and grow to assemble better connections for all moms to have doula support in their childbirthing experiences.

Check-out Jaye's Melinated Moms upcoming event below Childbirthing in Communities of Color. NNJ DoulaNet is excited to partner with Melinated Moms in this event and will be unveiling our Birth Guide at the event as well as providing resources for finding and becoming a doula.