NNJDoulaNet's Holistic Birth Options Guide: Doulas, Midwives, Birth Tubs, and VBAC Friendly Providers

Equity in healthcare is having providers and locations that are available to some, available to all. NNJDoulaNet strives to make transparent resources and options available in Northern NJ, including options for Medicaid Insured. Currently, we have data for Midwives who accept Medicaid Insurance, VBAC friendly providers, as well as Birth Tubs in NNJ. The Guide is currently only include options available at hospitals and birth centers (some accept Medicaid), since home birth is still not covered by Medicaid. Please note that many of the midwives listed do not have a private practice but are available at the hospital. If a pregnant person is aware of these options and seeks them out from the beginning, they might have a better chance of receiving midwifery care once in labor. The hospitals that have groups of midwives on staff are: Trinitas, St. Joseph's, Newark Beth Israel, (possibly St. Mary's Passaic), and St. Peter's New Brunswick. We welcome comments and feedback that can help improve this listing. 

For How to Find a Doula: Visit our page The Doula 411

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Midwives in NJ

According to Henry Kaiser Foundation, 42% of births in NJ are financed by Medicaid and per Every Mother Counts 6.8% of births are attended by midwives. We hope to share more options with that 42% and hope to see the rate of midwife attended births increase. According to the NJ Board of Medical Examiners, there are over 350 licensed midwives - according to our research many of them accept Medicaid Insurance and many more practice in Northern NJ.

Still many midwives do not accept Medicaid Insurance. What would need to happen at a state level, and with regard to medicaid reimbursement, for more providers to accept medicaid? According to this powerpoint, medicaid reimbursement in NJ is btwn $328-1500 - it certainly doesn't seem like enough but is it accurate?  

In addition to Midwives, there are many birthing tubs in Northern NJ hospitals. Listed here are tubs that are actively used or supported. Please see the second graph for labor and birth tub info. 

The Guide: Midwives and VBAC Friendly Providers 

This is a work in progress. Please submit updates and corrections. Click bottom right to expand view.

The Guide: Labor and Birth Tubs

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We are just starting this list and we need you to help build it. We'd like to add Ob/Gyns who support VBAC and accept Medicaid - if you have verifiable information on any of the providers regarding if they take medicaid insurance or if they are advocates for equity in childbirth in a regular and consistent way, please email us! We want to know. 

We hope you can use The Guide to help you research, so you can find holistic birth options that are available to you and/or your clients.

If you are listed, please check your listing and send us any updates.

Resources: NJ Family Care, NJ Board of Medical Examiners